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I’m Still Here

Oh my goodness! I have been so crazy busy it’s not even funny. First, we moved. Then, three days later, I went to Africa (which was AMAZING!). Then I came home and unpacked. Then I painted until my arms fell off. Literally. Right onto the ground. Don’t even ask how I’m typing this right now  . . .

Fortunately, I have been taking pictures. I’m just sorry it’s taken me so long to post them.

Neon Rainbow Zebras!

I finally managed to snap some photos at a party. Things are still crazy, but I’m forcing myself to take on fewer gigs as I prepare to move to a new house and go to Africa with my Papa Bear. I may get to face paint in Africa, so keep posted for photos of that.

Is party was full of rainbow lovers. I had rainbow butterflies, zebras, lions, and unicorns.















Pirates, Pretties, and Unfinished Chalk Art

It’s been far too long since I’ve posted. My Living Social Deal was very successful, and I’ve been run ragged trying to keep up with everything. Consequentially, I haven’t had much time for taking photos or painting projects at home. I’m posting what I’ve got along with some photos from a family sidewalk chalk session. Enjoy!

fancy eye face paint

pirate ship face paint, pirate face paint

flower face paint, floral body paint

fancy mask face paint, masquerade face paint

fairy face paint, rainbow eyes face paint

tattoo face paint, anchor face paint, anchor body paint, nautical face paint

skull face paint, pirate face paint, skull body paint

flower face paint, baby face paint, face paint for babies

fairy face paint, rainbow eyes face paint, rainbow face paint

lion king chalk art

My unfinished Nala

This is my mini-me’s raccoon. Note its many legs. :)

power puff girls chalk art

My hubby’s Bubbles.

chalk art, self portrait, the painted otter

Portrait of me by my husband. He obviously sees me through the lens of love.

Easter and St. Patrick’s Day Face Painting


Since we have two fun holidays coming up, I thought I’d work on some Easter and St. Patrick’s designs today. First, some Easter stuff.




I have to credit for this bunny design to Daizy Design. I’ve mentioned her before. She is amazing! Be sure to check her out.


So, that was supposed to be an Easter egg in the middle of her forehead, but I didn’t get the shape right. Oh well.


Here is a fun little shamrock tribal. I used glitter, but you could go without for a boy or a man.


I also wanted to do a Celtic knot mask, and since I was in the mood, I did a step by step. First, the finished product:


Step 1: use a green one stroke cake to make a petal in the middle of the forehead and some frills around the eyes.


Step 2: use a gold split cake (this is old gold and copper by tag) to add another layer of petals and some more color on the corners of the eyes.


Step 3: come back in with your green to add the final tier of petals.


Step 4: Add a Celtic knot as a centerpiece. You can be as simple or elaborate as you want. Since I am painting on myself, I kept it really simple. Paint the knot with dark green or, if you want to skip the next step, black. At this stage, I also added a few dark green teardrops to add depth to the finished design.


Step 5: Add outlines, shadows and highlights to the knot to make it stand out. This is what will really make it pop.


Step 6: Add teardrops, swirls, dots and other embellishments in black to create the desired shape and look. For a guy, use tribals. Add some white at the end to create a polished look.


I’d love to see your takes on this design. Let me know if there a any other step by steps you want to see on the blog.

Mini Me Has A Birthday, Plus Random Panda.

This morning I got to help a little girl with her school presentation on Pandas.

20130308-195032.jpg I bet she got an A!

Then, this evening, I got to celebrate one of my favorite people, Mini Me! She requested a “Jungle Jaguar” party, so we invited everyone to bring their favorite stuffed animal, and I painted their faces to match their furry friends. It was so fun, if a little chaotic painting and running a party at the same time.











I have to include a shot of the cupcakes because I worked so hard on the little animals. :)



Way back last fall I did an awesome gig for an ad agency that wanted to send out a Halloween card instead of a Christmas card to their clients. They hired me to do zombie makeup for their entire staff. I had a blast with them, and they were kind enough to let me crash the photo shoot. I finally got the images back. I loved how they turned out!special effects zombie makeup Zombie face paint effects zombie makeup The Painted Otter, Melissa Halvorsen zombie special effects makeup zombie apocolypse zombie slayer Melissa Halvorsen face painter